We have a state-of-the-art, high capacity fin tube manufacturing facility with 9 finning machines at your disposal and we can produce 24/7 to meet your most time sensitive needs! Tulsa Fin Tube has chosen to continue making investments in the latest technology. We concentrate on what we do best, producing a full line of continuous, high frequency welded, helical or helically wound, spiral finned tube and finned pipe products using both solid and serrated fins. Our COMMITMENT TO QUALITY drives us to exceed your expectations and provide the performance you depend upon. Finning does not get any better than what you get from Tulsa Fin Tube. Using solid state technology we’ve become a world-class leader in the manufacture of continuous, high frequency welded fin tube and fin pipe. Our company was the first in the United States to use this technology. Our HF Solid Fin and HF Serrated Fin Tubes and Fin Pipes are typically available in the sizes and materials outlined below. Tulsa Fin Tube produces to standards traceable to the International Standard for Dimensions, Tolerances and Tests of High Frequency Resistance Welded Fins. To view this standard please  CLICK HERE  To learn more about our high frequency welding process for finning  CLICK HERE  Tube finning and pipe finning are what we do best! Take a look at our capabilities below.


DIAMETER:  1.0″ – 8.625″ OD (up to 10.75″ upon special request)

LENGTH:  1′ – 110′

FINS:  .25″ – 1.5″ high    and    .035″ – .120″ thick

MATERIALS:  Carbon Steel, Intermediate Alloys, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys and other materials capable of being welded by use of electrical resistance or arc welding.



Heat Transfer Equipment including Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Economizers, Fired Heaters, HRSG, CHP Systems, water evaporators and more…



In addition to finning and tube bending we offer tubing, pipe, cutting, beveling, return bends, elbows, crating, freight and economizer consulting.   CLICK HERE

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