Building Relationships That Last

A High Tech Company With a Personal Approach to Customer Service

At Tulsa Fin Tube, we pride ourselves in being a cutting edge leader in our industry. Established in 1983, we have since grown into an international company, while remaining customer centered. As an owner-operated firm, TFT has spent decades building client relationships that are formed on trust, efficiency, and ensuring every job is completed with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness.

An Industry Leader for Over 40 Years!

Our rich history is our legacy. With 40+ years in the industry, Tulsa Fin Tube has become a pioneer in our field. TFT developed the use of solid state, high frequency welding for fins in the USA, which translated to a product with better quality and higher performance. Our products are shipped all over the globe, and our reputation as one of the most high-tech manufacturing companies worldwide is a testament to our dedication to making customer service a top priority, ALWAYS.