Because of our highly skilled team and continuous investment in the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment, Tulsa Fin Tube is known throughout the industry for our accuracy and ability to perform even the most challenging bends.

Our knowledgeable staff at TFT have the capability of working with a broad range of materials including, but not limited to, carbon steel, stainless steel in its various grades of chrome and nickel alloys. Our facility is equipped with an in-house designed Duplex bender and two Pines benders which are equipped to perform the most difficult and tight radius bends with the highest quality results. With decades of experience in the industry, our TFT team will go the extra mile to find a solution to best fit your tube and pipe bending needs.

Bending Services

  • TFT offers the versatility of the duplex bender that enables bends up to 90 degrees on each end simultaneously.
  • To ensure you are receiving the highest quality product, TFT verifies wall thickness for our bends using both destructive and ultrasonic testing.
  • For customers that require cutting, trimming, beveling, or crating, TFT has the high-speed, high capacity equipment necessary to handle material up to 60″ in diameter. Combined with our five portable beveling machines, we are capable of meeting all your needs.
  • Contact us to learn more about our full range of bending services.