As an added service to our customers, Tulsa Fin Tube has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to provide for your tube bending needs. Our equipment includes a custom duplex bender capable of bending both ends over the bare portion and over the fins. It can bend tubes and pipes up to approximately 70 feet long. This equipment can bend up to 90 degrees on each end from 3″ CLR to 12″ CLR with extreme accuracy and repeat-ability. In addition we have 2 Pines benders (with added hydraulic boost systems) which are known throughout the industry for accuracy and the ability to perform the most difficult, tight radius bends and produce high quality results. For example, with this machine we can bend 2″ O.D. x .105″ MW tube to 2″ CLR 180 degrees and still offer minimal thin out and ovality. Our knowledgeable staff can focus years of experience on finding solutions to your tube and pipe bending needs.


  • We offer bending for HRSG tubes, boiler tubes, economizer tubes, super-heater tubes, 180 degree return bends, 90 degree elbows, pigtail bending, architectural and ornamental type bending, replacement tubes both bare and finned for boiler repair and more.
  • Our capabilities cover a broad range of materials including, but not limited to, carbon steel, stainless steel in its various grades, aluminum, chrome and nickel alloys.
  • We are able to verify wall thickness of the bends we produce using both destructive and ultrasonic testing giving you assurance of receiving the product and quality you expect.
  • Should your material require cutting, trimming, beveling or crating we have you covered. We carry the necessary equipment in house including an extremely accurate high speed, high capacity band saw that can handle 60’ material. Combine all this with 5 portable beveling machines and your needs will be met.
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