When you place your order with Tulsa Fin Tube you can be confident in the fact that we have your best interest in mind at all times. Quality begins as soon as your order is booked and is constantly monitored through completion by our experienced staff. Every order is compared to documentation for accuracy. The production order drawings receive multiple quality checks before issuance. Materials are inspected upon receipt for accuracy and condition. Multiple checks are completed on every item. Inspectors monitor and record these measurements during production. On-site inspection by our customer prior to shipment is welcomed. Shipping arrangements are made and a photo taken of each outgoing load. If at any time a question should arise during this process, the customer is notified immediately.

quality control
measuring fin pitch, fins per inch with calipers for quality fin tubes and fin pipes fintube


  • Meet or exceed all customer requirements
  • Provide world class products and services on time
  • Be flexible to meet the customer’s needs
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • At TFT, monitoring, measurement, analysis, and improvement in processes are carried out in order to demonstrate conformity of the product, ensure conformity of the Quality Management System, continuously improve the effectiveness of the QMS and ensure the efficiency of operations
  • Internally audit compliance of the QMS
  • Ensure effective supply chain management
  • Develop new customer relations and partnerships to grow the company and further our reach and impact in US and Global markets